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UNICEF and Edin Džeko promote video spot “Now I support you”

Sarajevo, 30. August 2010 - All of us have a role to play in order to fulfil all children’s rights for every child. At the same time, from the children side, hard work, dedication and commitment are the most important elements of success– these are the key messages of two video spots featuring UNICEF Ambassador Edin Dzeko. These two recently produced, video clips "Now I support you" and “Show that you care” were officially presented today and are being offered to all media for dissemination. 

Eleven boys from the football school "Ladybird" and one girl in the role of arbitrator appeared in the video together with Džeko. Tarik Kravic (11) had a leading role, together with Džeko. "Although I was nervous, I am proud to be a part of this story," said Tarik. Farah Mujezinović did not hide her delight as the only girl who appears in the video. "I felt so great on the set. Džeko is a good sportsman, but an even better person”.

“As promised when I became the Ambassador of UNICEF, I want to help the voice of children to be heard. It was a pleasure to make this video spot together with children," said the Ambassador of UNICEF Edin Džeko. In the video spot which is targeting children, Dzeko uses his own example to stress how important it is to be persistent and not to expect success without hard work.

"All of us have an important role to play to improve the situation of children.  Government authorities have to make sure policies, plans, strategies and especially budgets are in place for children. Media can contribute to raise awareness about the situation of children in the country and about good practices and experiences which are being adopted to improve their situation. Parents could get more involved into the education of their children and demand for better quality and more inclusive education. We can stimulate the implementation of participation mechanisms in communities, schools to make sure young people get their voice heard. These are some example of what each of us can do to contribute to happy, educated, healthy, participative children in the country.”– emphasized Florence Bauer, UNICEF Representative in BiH

UNICEF’s video clips "Now I support you" and “Show that you care” will be offered to all TV stations and internet-based media.



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