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m:tel and UNICEF BiH in a partnership for “The best start for every child”

Telekom Srpske (m:tel) and UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina joined forces to support the initiative “The best start for every child”, focused on improving the environment for better early childhood development focused on children from socially excluded groups. The partnership agreement consists of donation of 80,000 BAM to UNICEF and promotion of the fund-raising number 1412 within the m:tel’s campaign “Invest in yourself by helping others”. m:tel invited its subscribers and users to join this initiative with their donations as well. UNICEF will use these funds for opening additional two Integrated centers for early childhood development in locations which will be decided in collaboration with state and entity line ministries.  Priority is given to those localities with large incidence of poverty and exclusion.

UNICEF’s innovative Early Childhood Development Centres offer a multisectoral model for families and child care, providing a wide range of services for parents and children, age 0-10, focusing on the age of 0-3. The campaign “The best start for every child” emphasizes the importance of  early years for development of  physical, mental, cognitive, emotional and social potential of every child. The specificity of this project is the co-funded by UNICEF, DfID, European Union and Norwegian Government and municipalities under Strengthening Social Protection and Inclusion Systems for Children in BiH Project.   Local governments have accepted the responsibility to take over the financing of the centers’ running costs after the initial period of 6 months. UNICEF and its partners provide initial support, training and education of employees, interns and volunteers.

“UNICEF started this initiative with donor funds sufficient to open 4 centres initially. Recognizing the importance of this initiative, we decided to start the local and private sector fundraising, in order to reach more municipalities. So many children in BiH are deprived from the adequate care at start of their lives makes the need for ECD centers obvious. What we want to achieve is, to provide them with equal opportunities for development and we are grateful for having partner such is m:tel to recognize it and join our initiative.”, said UNICEF Representative, Ms. Florence Bauer.

“It is my great pleasure that m:tel is the proud partner of UNICEF in the campaign “The best start for every child”. Our campaign named “Invest in you to help others” aims at fund-raising funds for Integrated Early Childhood Development Centers, which will be opened across Bosnia and Herzegovina within the UNICEF’s Project. We believe that all children, including unfortunately a great number of those from vulnerable families, have the right to the best start in life. M:tel has decided to donate 80 thousand BAM, together with the fund-raising campaign and the short humanitarian number. We hope that this donation will bring happiness and smiles to some children. – said Predrag Culibrk, General Manager of m:tel.

 UNICEF offers corporate partners a unique opportunity to align with the world's leading and most respected children's organization and contribute to advancing the health, education, equality and protection of all children.

UNICEF  on this occasion invited socially responsible companies and organizations to invest in future of this country by investing in early childhood development.

TV spot: Invest in yourself by helping others
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