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Immunization saves children’s lives

UNICEF would like to confirm that immunization saves children’s lives and that all parents should discuss their children’s health, including questions regarding immunization and vaccines, with their pediatricians. 

At all times UNICEF buys vaccines from the World Health Organization’s list of pre-qualified suppliers, which means that the supplier's production facilities have undergone a rigorous technical evaluation to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. As previously stated publicly by WHO and UNICEF, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence of toxicity in infants, children or adults exposed to the preservative thiomersal in vaccines.

“All allegations and misleading information undermining the country’s immunization programmes can be harmful for thousands of children, if not more.” - said Anne-Claire Dufay, UNICEF Acting Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Entity ministries of Health and Public Health Institutes collaborate closely with UNICEF in implementation of immunization programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all partners are ready to answer all journalistic questions to reassure parents and families about all possible concerns regarding process of immunization.”- she added.

UNICEF reminds families that vaccine-preventable diseases are very serious and still circulating globally, threatening children’s lives. Immunization campaigns are among the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions. Some experts suggest vaccines have saved in the vicinity of 20 million lives in the last two decades.



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