Equal Chances and Opportunities for Every Child to Reach Their Full Potential

Opening of the Early Childhood Development Center in the “Bubamara” Kindergarten means that the children of Pale will receive professional support in all sectors of child care

Almir Panjeta for UNICEF
Jednake šanse i prilika za svako dijete da ostvari puni potencijal
07 March 2022

An Early Childhood Development Center has been opened at the Public Institution of “Bubamara” Child Center in Pale. The Center has been opened with the support of UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Austrian Development Agency, in cooperation with the Republika Srpska Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Republika Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture.

“The best investment that can be made is an investment in early childhood development, which will pay off later. I am happy that this involves an integrated approach, where professionals from different fields will provide their services, but we also definitely need to involve both the community and the parents. The Center can serve as a resource center for early detection of difficulties, but it should definitely serve as a care center for all children,” said Dr Rownak Khan, UNICEF Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Center opening ceremony.

The Director of the “Bubamara” Child Center, Vanja Jugović, said that children in this center would be supported by professionals from multiple sectors – a pediatrician, a psychologist, a speech therapist, an educator-rehabilitator and a social worker from public institutions of the Municipality of Pale and the “Bubamara” Kindergarten.

Direktorica Dječijeg centra “Bubamara”, Vanja Jugović, kazala je kako će djeca u ovom centru imati podršku stručnjaka iz više sektora – pedijatra, psihologa, logopeda, edukatora-rehabilitatora, te socijalnog radnikaiz javnih ustanova Opštine Pale i vrtića “Bubamara”.

We sincerely hope that this center will help both parents and children address any deviations in psychophysical development before the child goes to school so that we can help not only the families but also the school and, of course, children, helping them overcome certain problems through individual programs,” said Vanja Jugović, noting that the project procured teaching aids and equipment for the Center, while a part of the funds will be used for further training of professionals who will be working with children.

Marina Milovanović, Head of the Health Care Department of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, stressed the importance of opening an Early Childhood Development Center for early detection of developmental delays and deviations as well as for providing timely and appropriate services.

“In this way all children have equal chances and are given an opportunity to reach their full potential, which means a lot these days. I wish everyone at the Center a lot of success in their work and I believe that while there will be challenges, there will also be some good results in achieving the objectives,” said Marina Milovanović.

Centar za unapređenje ranog rasta i razvoja djece Pale

The Deputy Ambassador of Austria to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nicole Hardwick, said that the Austrian Development Agency had provided financial support of 173,000 EUR to open the Center, as part of the overall support to early childhood development.

“Since 2019, the Austrian Development Agency has been supporting UNICEF and local partners in developing a comprehensive multisectoral strategy for education in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2021-2025, and in developing an Early Childhood Development Program for the period 2022-2026 in the Republika Sepska,” noted Ms Hardwick, adding that much has also been done in supporting the introduction of functional assessment of children with developmental difficulties and in improving the knowledge-base in early childhood development among more than 200 health-care, educational and social workers, which has in turn contributed to providing high-quality early childhood development services to more than 10,000 children and their families across Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Na otvaranju Centra istaknut je i značaj saradnje sa lokalnom zajednicom, a načelnik Opštine Pale Boško Jugović

The importance of cooperation with the local community was also noted during the Center opening ceremony, and Mayor of the Pale Municipality Boško Jugović said that united actors from various fields are in the best position to implement projects like these:

“It is important for this Center to come to life, to expand and not only to contribute to detection of problems, but also to contribute to the discovery of talents. I hope we will be able to show that the trust placed in us is justified and that the money invested in this Center will be used in the best possible way.”