Social Monitor Regional Report

Social protection for child rights and well-being in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

Social Monitor Regional Report


There has been great progress for children in Centraland Eastern Europe and Central Asia following the entry into force of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, and since UNICEF began its programmes of cooperation with several countries of the region more than 20 years ago. The Social Monitor series of publications (five between 2002 and 2009), supported by UNICEF, has been examining regional trends in the well-being of children and progress in realizing children’s rights since its first edition in 2002. Throughout this time, UNICEF has been partnering with governments, civil society, development partners, children and young people, and other stakeholders to support a common agenda for children. The regional agenda has included helping children to move out of large state institutions and to live in a supportive and caring family environment, supporting children to access justice, enhancing the ability of countries to ensure that children benefit from early learning and quality inclusive education, realizing the rights of children to health and well-being, and to be born free of HIV, protecting children from the risk of disasters, and promoting an adolescent’s right to a second chance. As this report shows, despite the progress achieved on many aspects of this agenda, today there are still many children around the region who are missing out.

Izvještaj o socijalnom monitoring
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