Social inclusion strategies

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Social inclusion strategies


Within the project "Let's build an advocacy platform for social inclusion-Stop and listen" supported by the Delegation of the European Union and UNICEF, and implemented by the Foundation for Social Inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SIF in BiH) and the Initiative for Better and Humane Inclusion (IBHI) a vital activity is the initiation and preparation of the Strategy for Social Inclusion in the Entities and the Brčko District of BiH. Strategies for social inclusion of FBiH, RS and BD BiH for the period 2021-2027 were prepared by experts and with the broad participation of members of the Coalition of Marginalized Groups in BiH "KOMA" at round tables or online. Constitutional competencies in areas important for social inclusion are at the level of the entities and the BD BiH, and therefore three strategies have been prepared. They were made on the basis of the same methodology, a unified approach and assessment of key issues, while respecting the specifics of the entities and BD BiH. They are therefore harmonized and de facto form a common strategy for the whole country in terms of goals and EU standards with specifics arising from the differences between the entities and BD BiH.

Foundation for Social Inclusion in BiH and Initiative for Better and Humane Inclusion
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