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The project Justice for Every Child is a continuation of UNICEF’s efforts to improve justice for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The overall aim of the project is to ensure the full application of international norms and standards for all children who come into contact with the justice system and that all relevant decisions are made in their best interests. This is achieved through concrete results. One such result is to improve access to and the availability of legal assistance for children and their families and to increase knowledge and awareness among children and youth on how to access the justice system and enact their rights. The focus of the project is strengthening programmes of secondary prevention for children at risk of violence and harm and improving outcomes for all children in conflict with the justice system.

In 2020, UNICEF commissioned a qualitative and quantitative study into the level of knowledge and understanding among children in this country on how to access the justice system and their preferences concerning the models pertaining to access to information and their knowledge on justice for children.

The research objectives were as follows:

  • Assess children’s knowledge and understanding of where and how to seek support services and access justice if they are experiencing or have witnessed violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation (including online) and safe internet usage, which is closely linked to their right to privacy.
  • Identify the key gaps and the desirable models and channels for facilitating access to knowledge on child rights within the legal system for children and adolescents, especially when it comes to vulnerable children and adolescents. The latter includes children from rural communities, minorities, those with disabilities and children of poor socioeconomic status.
  • Conduct detailed research into the preferred channels of communication and exchange of information and provide recommendations on how to create new and improve the existing channels.


The project is financed by the governments of Switzerland and Sweden.

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