UNICEF DONATION: Everything ready for storage and distribution of Pfizer vaccine in the field

23 March 2021
DONACIJA UNICEF-a: Sve spremno za skladištenje i distribuciju Pfizer vakcina na teren

In the regional offices of the Institute of Public Health in East Sarajevo, Trebinje and Zvornik and the cantonal institutes of public health in Sarajevo, Bihac and Tuzla, thanks to donations of refrigerators by UNICEF, they are ready to receive and distribute Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19 coming through the COVAX mechanism. Vaccines will be stored in installed and verified refrigerators at a temperature of -80 until they are sent to ambulances, health centers and other institutions where vaccination will be performed in accordance with vaccination plans.

"This equipment is very important to us because it will allow us to store Pfizer vaccines at the appropriate temperature, which after removal from the cold chain should be stored at a temperature of +2 to +8 and used within five days. It is very important that the vaccines are stored properly until they are removed from the cold chain and sent to the field, and this refrigerator will allow us to run the process smoothly and that the vaccines reach all planned vaccination sites in our region safely. Procurement of such equipment at this time would be a great challenge, so we are grateful for this donation, which facilitated and enabled the storage and distribution of such a specific vaccine, "said Vlado Miovčić, head of the East Sarajevo Regional Office of the RS Institute of Public Health.

Marija Minić, a technician in the epidemiology department of the East Sarajevo Regional Center, received appropriate training in Banja Luka, received instructions for using the refrigerator in which Pfizer vaccines will be stored, and ordered special gloves that allow her to handle extremely low temperatures.

"My task is to take care of adequate storage and preservation of vaccines, to regularly check that they are at the right temperature and to react in case of changes, and to prepare and send them to the field in accordance with the plan. We are ready ", says Marija Minić, and Vlado Miovčić expects great interest in vaccines:

"I got vaccinated yesterday and I feel great, the vaccines work, everyone needs to be vaccinated and that's the end of the story!"


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