With Edin and Amra Džeko

30 June 2023
O roditeljstvu sa Edinom i Amrom

Sarajevo, 30.06.2023 – Edin Džeko, global football star and Ambassador for UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his wife Amra, shared their parenting experiences in their first joint interview. Amra and Edin are among the most influential parents in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They spoke to us about what parenting looks like in their home, whether it is easier to raise one or five children, how they encourage their kids towards a healthy lifestyle, shared their thoughts on preschool education and much more.

Although they both have great and enviable careers about which we have heard a lot, we were convinced that for both Amra and Edin, the role of parents is the most important.

June is globally marked by UNICEF as parenting month. This year the focus is on paying tribute to parents, who, during the upbringing of their children, take on countless roles, from caregivers, doctors, trainers, chefs, friends, entertainers, to protectors and teachers. Because of this, and because of the circumstances which are not always favourable for parents, UNICEF calls for greater investments and the availability of systemic parenting support.

A survey conducted during June by UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which parents shared what they needed to facilitate and assist them in parenting showed that approximately 40% of the surveyed parents need more flexible working hours from their employers and safe spaces for children to play and develop in from their communities.

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