Schools all over Bosnia and Herzegovina went blue!

Students, teachers came to school dressed in blue, highlighted their own messages and slogans about rights, showed that they can, know and want their voices heard.

20 December 2022
Škole širom BiH obojene u plavo!

Thousands of schoolchildren from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina joined UNICEF's campaign "Go blue" to mark World Children's Day. On December 18, students and teachers came to schools dressed in blue, highlighted their own messages or slogans about children's rights, created artistic performances, and in many schools children took over the management of school lessons.

"On November 20, the world celebrates World Children's Day, the day when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. This year, we focused on equality and inclusion, and tried to point out the necessity of respecting every right for every child.

The classroom is an important and safe place where children acquire knowledge and learn life values. The school contributes not only to better education, but also to the upbringing and formation of a young person, so that it respects the rights of others, respects differences, cares and expresses empathy", said dr. Rownak Khan, UNICEF for Bosnia and Herzegovina representative, expressing her joy with the response of the children and the support of the schools.

The classrooms that day were dedicated to children's rights, the children showed that they can, know and want to raise their voices for their rights. In addition to taking over classes dressed in blue, the girls and boys went a step further and held numerous workshops and actions both in schools, kindergartens and in schoolyards. They photographed and recorded everything, and overflowed the UNICEF inbox with their messages. The invitation was also joined by children from kindergartens and numerous associations, workshops and playrooms who creatively expressed their wishes in their own way and showed that they already know a lot about their rights.

Schools around the world have partnered with UNICEF and showcased their work advocating and celebrating children's rights. World Children's Day this year coincided with the start of the FIFA World Cup, and used a unique opportunity to creatively engage with sport and provide a platform for countries and partners to put children's issues at the top of the global agenda.

World Children's Day is an opportunity for children to talk about what kind of education they want in the future. It's a day of children's action that highlights critical issues that affect children's lives and supports their engagement as advocates of their own rights, which was demonstrated in the best possible way by the girls and boys from BiH who painted their schools and the world blue that day!

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