14 March 2024

Girls and boys from Banja Luka, Bihać, Zenica, Tuzla and Sarajevo, at the conference "The right to life without violence" in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina on marked World Children's Day. Representatives of the legislative and executive authorities from all levels in BiH were presented with the situation and the key problems faced by children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the presentations and the open and constructive dialogue, at the place where their future is decided, the children had the opportunity to hear those who make those decisions, ask them direct questions, and demand solutions.

Read the conclusions that Sumeja Keranović, Amar Ombašić, Imran Bajrektarević, Šerif Ramić, Almedina Đulović, Omer i Čaušević, Marijana Vujašin and Sofija Kostić presented at the end of the Conference on behalf of their peers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. We call on the state level to undertake all activities for the establishment of a singular help line to help child victims of violence, which will be part of the system, financially sustainable and available 24 hours a day.

2. We call on entity and cantonal governments and the Government of Brčko District to enact and enforce the Law on the Prohibition of Physical Violence against Children in all settings, including monitoring and punishing adults who "agree/permit" child marriages.

3. We invite governments of all levels of government to continuously report to legislators about all forms of violence against children, planned and implemented activities aimed at preventing violence between and against children.

4. We call on all levels of government to systematically collect data on violence against children. Without adequate data on the problem, it is not possible to create a system solution that would correspond to the real needs in the field and be in the best interest of the child.

5. We call for the improvement of the child protection system in cases of violence through better coordination of the relevant sectors, investment in child protection experts and an increase in the number of employees, specially trained and sensitized to work with child victims of violence, so that no sector is the weakest link.

6. We invite all levels of government to actively involve children in making decisions concerning children - Not without children about children!

7. We invite all representatives of the legislative and executive authorities at all levels in BIH to be initiators, active partners and support in the preparation and implementation of sessions on the topic of children's rights, obligations arising from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and creating better conditions for the life of children without violence .

8. We hope that with this conference we have established two-way communication and that in the future we will meet on the topic of children's rights at least twice a year.

The conference "Right to life without violence" was organized by UNICEF BiH, the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees BiH and the Children's Council of BiH.

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