Inclusive Quality Education


Inclusive Quality Education

The critical issue in terms of delivering inclusive quality education are persistent equity gaps. In preschool while overall enrollment has reached, 12% that proportion falls to 1.5 per cent among Roma children and 2 per cent among children from the poorest quintile. In primary and secondary education, while attendance is high, at 98 per cent in primary and 92 per cent in secondary, for Roma children these figures drop to 69 per cent and 23 per cent respectively. The rate is 27 per cent for Roma boys and 18 per cent for Roma girls (secondary education). Furthermore, access to education remains limited for children with disabilities, and ethnic division persists.

The programme supports efforts to ensure the progressive realization of every child’s right to inclusive learning through advocacy, capacity development, and technical assistance.
Interventions are focused in the following areas:

1. Inclusive early learning, the programme is supporting the continued expansion of preschool education programmes. The objective of this area is to increase preschool attendance to 30% for BiH ensuring at least 10% of Roma children enrolment.

2. Support the realization of children’s right to inclusive quality primary and secondary education, the programme will address data gaps and identify invisible and excluded children. 
The main expected result is an increased attendance in primary and secondary education by Roma boys and girls (90 per cent primary and 50 per cent secondary,) and children with disabilities.






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