The children

Millennium Development Goals: Pushing back the Barriers in BiH

The Reality of Life Today for the Children of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Early Childhood

  • Almost 94 % of children (95.3 % boys and 92 % girls) aged 36-59 months do not benefit from early childhood education.
  • Iron deficiency which has a significant influence on the development of newborn babies, is high among lactating and pregnant women in BiH (48% & 39% respectively).
  • Over 7.4 % of these children are moderately stunted and 2.5 % severely stunted (2.7 % girls and 2.3 % boys).
  • There is a high rate of stunting among Romany children (24.2% moderately and 12.1% severely).
  • Unconfirmed data indicates that there are 1,035 children under institutional care in BiH and that the rate of institutionalized child care is expected to rise. Due to the lack of a foster care system the problem of babies being institutionalized persists.



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