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With support from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC),  in 2010 UNICEF launched the project to support the Juvenile Justice System Reform and initiative “Justice for Every Child”.  The objective is to support the Government Authorities in development and enforcement of legislation regulating justice for children in line with international standards and in reforming the institutional treatment of children. The project promotes an integrated and multi-sectoral approach while strengthening referral systems and responses at the municipal level, through the identification of children at risk and children in contact with the law. In parallel, prevention activities are focused on public campaigns and the promotion of non-violence in selected schools.

Highlight - Swiss Cooperation Office Bosnia and Hercegovina Country Director, Thomas Rüegg

" A reform oriented investment into modern juvenile justice in conformity with human and children's rights is extremely valuable. It supports the endeavours of BiH's authorities to develop and exercise their sovereign rights based on new law and a comprehensive understanding for a vulnerable segment of its civil society in need of protection. This is the duty of authorities. This is serious. And as the legal and practice oriented performance of the authorities is measured against success and failure to comply with such protection of the vulnerable, the committment of the authorities deserves solidarity and merits the assistance Switzerland can give towards particularly this form of the rule of law. Thus, human security can be safeguarded and enhanced for the benefit of the entire society in Bosnia & Herzegovina".

Support to Juvenile Justice System in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Project Summary
Justice for children include all children going through justice systems, for whichever reason (victims, witnesses, care, custody, alleged offenders, etc.)

Key principles on Juvenile Justice
Key guiding principles pertaining to justice for children





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