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Video production – thematic reportages

Request for Proposals 008/2013

Institutional Consultancy - Video production – thematic reportages

The selected agency/company is expected to provide support to UNICEF for the production, on-line dissemination and archiving of video materials, in accordance with the UNICEF’s video production guidelines to document the various activities of UNICEF and its partners during the period from July 2013 to March 2014.

Required expertise / Criteria for the selection:

 Selected agency should have:
 At least 5 years of experience in video production
 Very good organizational skills
 Good analytical and writing skills
 Strong communication and sensitivity to different cultural context and situations
 Highly recommended: On-line platform available for storage and distribution of video material

Potential contractors should submit bidding documentation consisting of:
A) Technical proposal:
1. Cover letter confirming understanding of the ToR and readiness to employ resources to support the achievement of outlined objectives and deliverables
2. Detailed description of the planned approach to video production to best describe UNICEF’s priority areas as well as cost efficient organizational and technical capacities to be engaged for planned video production
3. Description of previously implemented similar activities and list of references
4. CVs of team members to be directly responsible for this assignment
5.  CV of the leading expert in the Company/Agency
B) Financial proposal
5. Budget with narrative explanation per deliverables of the TOR
6. Any additional services offered pro-bono (optional)

Proposals and budgets should be submitted in English language. The proposals must be mailed to UNICEF, Zmaja od Bosne bb, and delivered in two separate sealed envelopes (one envelope containing the technical proposal printed out and saved on CD and other envelope with the financial proposal only) by Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 at  17.00 hrs with the remark: Proposals for RFP no. 008/2013 for the Institutional Consultancy - Video production – thematic reportages.

Please note that the technical offer should not have any data on budget, i.e. financial aspect of offer (this should be exclusively stated in the financial offer). Contact details of company should be printed on both envelopes.

All bidders are invited for the public opening of the bids. The public opening will be held on Friday, June 14th 2013 at 10:00 hrs in UNICEF premises, Zmaja od Bosne bb.
In accordance with UNICEF Rules and Regulations the award and the reasons for making the award are UNICEF's internal decision and information about other bidders or their bids must not be divulged.

The invitation for submission of proposals does not obligate signing of the contract with bidders, nor does it assume the obligation to pay the costs of preparing the bids.

UNICEF accepts no responsibility for undelivered proposals, and will not accept proposals after the closing date and time. For further information please contact Ms. Nela Kacmarcik via e-mail






Request for Proposals 008/2013

Institutional Consultancy - Video production – thematic reportages

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