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Reinforce basic water, hygiene and sanitation

The UNICEF water and sanitation programme supports the implementation of national policies and strategies in the installation of drinking water and sanitation pumps at community and family levels, as well as the promotion of good hygiene habits. The organization also strengthens management and monitoring capacities at local community levels.

The aim is to accelerate water coverage and access of households and schools to sanitation facilities. The fight against waterborne diseases such as guinea worm and diarrhea is a priority. Interventions at the community level are linked to those in schools.

Specific goals are:

- Increased availability of water sources and improved sanitation facilities for households, schools  and health centers

- Improved management of watering places in villages and promotion of hygiene-, water- and sanitation-friendly practices in individual and families

- Improved water quality monitoring and promotion of water quality preservation in households

- Guinea worm surveillance and control until eradication.



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