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To fight against violence made to the children for a childhood in full bloom

Preventing violence against children

In Burkina Faso children become exposed to the risks of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation in many ways. The prevailing poverty puts children at risk. They might have been entrusted by their parents to the care of other adults who then mistreat them. They are exposed when working as domestics in families, or living on the streets. Child beggars are susceptible, as are those who may be physically or mentally disabled.

One major constraint in the fight against sexual violence to children is the fact that cases remain difficult to pursue through the country’s justice system. Of about thirty cases so far presented to the state prosecutor, none has gone to trial.

In the light of the above UNICEF has intensified its lobbying for the adoption of a national plan to combat sexual violence against children. UNICEF would like see the legal rehabilitation process for the victims of sexual abuse speeded up, and urges that where the laws exist they should be upheld. UNICEF has pressed for a toll free number for reporting abuse, and for special courts to deal with juveniles.




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