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Overview of the 2011-2015 UNICEF-Burkina Faso Cooperation Programme

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Mr. Marc Rubin, UNICEF Representative in Burkina Faso

Welcome on the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) website in Burkina Faso!

Join us to find out the programs we support in Burkina Faso for the benefit of children for whom we are working to promote sustainably the survival, development and protection.
UNICEF has been working in Burkina Faso since 1978. Our organization supports the government and the civil society for the implementation of programs and policies for the realization of children's rights.
In a world characterized by growing inequality, recession and crises due to conflict and natural disasters, our goal is to give priority to children, to touch the most vulnerable and get better results for their survival and development.
UNICEF, as part of the 2011-2015 cooperation program which is already midterm, works in partnership with the Government of Burkina Faso, community-based organizations and other international partners to : 

- Promote a protective environment for children's rights and women where texts and social norms are respected and any holder of responsibility at any level whatsoever (individual, family, community and state), is committed to fight against all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation against children and women

- The implementation and effective management of high-impact interventions to provide health and nutrition services of quality especially at community level.

- Achieve a gross enrollment rate of 100% (81.3% in 2013 - 81.6% boys and 81.0% girls) and completion rates in primary schools of 75.1% (59.5% in 2013 - 59.7% for girls) with particular attention on vulnerable children, those with special needs and girls
- Ensure greater access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation with increased drinking water coverage from 56% to 76% and sanitation from 10% to 54% by 2015.

Together we must do more because the needs remain very high. We have to commit ourselves vis-à-vis all the children of Burkina Faso to reduce disparities and inequality to ensure sustainably improved living conditions that are as every child counts.

Let’s act together!

Marc Rubin
UNICEF Representative
Burkina Faso 



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