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National Polio Vaccination Campaign 2010 - Target: 0 cases of polio in 2010

© UNICEF/Burkina Faso/2010/Sanogo.M
Many women from the locality arrived to have their children vaccinated

National Polio Vaccination Campaign 2010 - Target: 0 cases of polio in 2010

Burkina Faso’s national polio vaccination campaign was officially launched in Boussé on 6 March 2010 by the Minister of Health, Seydou Bouda.  Various sectors of society including the Governor; the Mayor, Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF; Rotary International, local authorities and community and religious leaders came together to show their commitment to stopping the transmission of wild poliovirus.

Both the Governor and Mayor welcomed the selection of Boussé as the site for the official launch due to the fact that polio has resurged in the area, despite concerted efforts to eradicate the virus through vaccination.  

The WHO Representative, Djamila Cabral, made reference to the 15 cases of polio registered in 2009, despite the six rounds of vaccination previously organised in the country. She noted that emphasis should be placed on improving the quality and monitoring of vaccinations, and launched an appeal to local authorities and community and religious leaders for their support in mobilising communities. She reaffirmed the commitment of WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC) to supporting the Government of Burkina Faso in eradicating polio.


© UNICEF/Burkina Faso/2010/Sanogo.M
The Minister of Health, Seydou Bouda administers a dose of the polio vaccine to an infant

In his intervention, the Minister of Health also referred to the 15 cases of polio in 2009 and underlined the need for extra efforts at all levels. He thanked the World Health Organization, UNICEF and CDC for their technical support and supplies. He also thanked the First Lady for her support to the campaign against polio in Burkina. Acknowledging the challenges ahead, the Minister set a primary objective of 0 polio cases in 2010.

The ceremony came to an end with a visit to the health centre in Laye village to see the campaign kick-off with vaccination of children.





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