For all children newsletter volume 6 - August 2019

Children take Environmental Consciousness to a New Level in Southern Belize

Members of the Punta Gorda Children Advisory Body
UNICEF Belize/DIsaacs-Haylock/2019


“Houn sun irahüñü” meaning “For all the children” … The words from the indigenous language of Garifuna meaning “for all the children” is the name chosen for our newsletter. It embodies the mission of our organization… advocating for the rights of every child, ensuring that every child has a fair chance to a high quality of life. The Garifuna language was recognized on May 18, 2001 by UNESCO as “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangibles Heritage of Humanity”. The purpose of the newsletter is to highlight the work of UNICEF Belize implemented alongside our collaboration and partnership with government, civil society, children, adolescents and other national partners.

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