The Situation Analysis of Children and Women 2011: An Ecological Review Focus on Early Childhood Development in Belize

Julian Cho High School is a promising practice in education that works with communities where student learning can benefit from a holistic approach that integrates sports, arts, music, theatre, culture, and remedial education into its curriculum.

In less than three years, the Samuel Haynes School of Excellence has yielded very promising results especially regarding the continuous improvements in the academic achievements of its students and the increased participation from community members. Serving as one of the few places in Belize City where children can have a safe space to study and to play, the organisation is promoting positive community change and ownership.   

Tumul K'in School of Learning has demonstrated that when students are exposed to a wellrounded curriculum which incorporates their language and culture, they bene#t from a richer and more holistic experience. Another feature worthy of highlighting is Tumul K'in's strong focus on adolescent and youth participation in the governance of the school. This strong focus on youth leadership and participation combined with the above-mentioned integration of culture and language make the learning environment at Tumul K'in one where students feel they can excel.

Aguacate Roman Catholic Primary School is a promising practice in education for use in communities where student learning benefits from bilingual education based on IBE concepts. For more than four years, students in Aguacate have continuously improved their educational performance as a result of intercultural bilingual education.

Situation Analysis of Children in Belize 2011 with focus on Early Childhood Development

The situation analysis of children in Belize with a focus on Early Childhood Development points to early investments yield greater results when it happens early in a children's lives.



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