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National Partners



In this current period, UNICEF has worked with the following partners in the fulfillment of children’s rights:

Early childhood: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Human Development have worked with UNICEF in developing national early childhood development (ECD) policies and standards. For example, Ministry of Health collaborates with UNICEF to promote breastfeeding and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiatives to immunization and to provide developmental monitoring. National ECD agencies, who play an active role in offering training, educational activities, and networking with other agencies, and parent support groups also work with UNICEF closely. UNICEF collaborates with them mainly in providing training for parents, caregivers and technical capacity.

Child protection: Ministry of Human Development, National Committees for Families and Children, Departments of Social Services and their equivalents, Belize Bar Association and the media have partnered with UNICEF primarily in educating and sensitizing the public about children’s rights. This has been done either through workshops for key professionals such as day-care workers, educators, police, judiciary, health professionals and others who work directly or indirectly with children, or through media awareness campaigns.

Adolescence: Ministry of Youth is a national agency mandated to reach out to youth and support youth programmes. In partnership with UNICEF, they are working on developing a National Youth Policy with demands coming directly from youth voices at youth consultations held across the country in 2011. Another partner has been the Ministry of Education, which has provided technical and financial leadership for a comprehensive range of national educational programmes and have provided support for the implementation of the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) programme.

HIV/AIDS: In the area of HIV/AIDS, youth groups and national youth councils, churches, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Development and Ministry of Youth have all worked with UNICEF in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programmes.



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