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Government of Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh is UNICEF’s main partner in Bangladesh. UNICEF and the Government signed a Basic Cooperation Agreement in 2006.

 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare works with UNICEF for improved health and nutrition. Within the Ministry, UNICEF works with the following agencies:

 Ministry of Industries

The Ministry of Industries works with UNICEF to improve nutrition through salt iodization and vitamin A oil fortification. UNICEF partners with:
  • The Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation

 Ministry of Mass and Primary Education

The Ministry of Mass and Primary Education is UNICEF’s partner for early learning programmes, education for working children, and the primary education programme PEDPII. Under the Ministry, UNICEF works with:

 Ministry of Social Welfare

The Ministry of Social Welfare works with UNICEF on the Protection of Children at Risk (PCAR) project.

 Ministry of Home Affairs

UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Home Affairs to develop a child protection network.

 Ministry of Women and Children Affairs

The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs administers adolescent and child empowerment programmes with UNICEF. Under the Ministry, UNICEF works with:

 Local Government Division

Under the Local Government Division, within the Ministry of Local Government Rural Development and Co-operatives, UNICEF’s partner in water, hygiene and sanitation development is:

The Local Government Division and UNICEF also work together for universal birth registration.

 Ministry of Food and Disaster Management

UNICEF works with the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management on emergency preparedness and relief programmes for women and children.

 Ministry of Information

Through the Ministry of Information, UNICEF supports activities that promote child rights advocacy in the media and encourage the participation of children.

 Ministry of Finance

UNICEF’s contribution to international development in Bangladesh is coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, through:

 Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

UNICEF works with the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics to monitor the situation of children in Bangladesh.



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