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Submissions open for Meena Media Award 2017

Submissions open for Meena Media Award 2017, deadline June 01, 2017. Please download the detail of submission, eligibility criteria and application form here (Bangla and English).

This year, submissions are solicited in two different age groups: Under-18 and 18 & above and seven categories:

  • Print Media – Reports (news reports, investigative reports, features, post editorials) 
  • Print Media – Creative (articles, features, stories, poems) 
  • Visual Media – Reports including videography (news reports, investigative reports) 
  • Visual Media – Creative contents including videography (features, documentaries, short films, animations, plays, songs)
  • Radio- reports (news reports, investing reports) 
  • Radio- creative (features, documentaries, radio dramas, songs)
  • News Photography – Online/print media

News, articles, features, news photographs and television & radio programmes that investigate and explore children’s issues to improve the lives of children in Bangladesh, or provide healthy entertainment for children are eligible to compete for the award. Entries should have been published or broadcast between May 01, 2016 and April 30, 2017. The deadline to receive entries is June 01, 2017.

Introduced in 2005, Meena Media Award has stepped into the 13th year in 2017. The award recognizes excellence in promoting children’s issues in the media. The award is named after Meena, the popular animation character created in Bangladesh. Meena is the iconic girl child, a change agent, whose attractive stories champion the rights of children across South Asia.



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