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National Hygiene Campaign 2011

The National Hygiene Campaign was launched by the honourable Minister of Education Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid on 6th January 2011. It aims to reach up to 30 million people; 20 million at a direct community level and a further ten million people through media coverage.

The objectives of this campaign are to raise hygiene, sanitation and safe water awareness among mothers who have children under the age of five and to support primary school students develop sustainable hygiene practices. 

The campaign will be implemented in three different phases, each of which will focus on one of the three key topics of hygiene, sanitation and water.  The campaign will highlight the importance of each of the following, 

(i) Hygiene: Washing both hands with soap after using the toilet and cleaning children’s bottoms and before feeding children.
(ii) Sanitation: latrine use and cleanness.
(iii) Water: Drinking safe water, focusing on arsenic free water. 

On the ground:

Household visits:
Front line workers will visit households in project areas, particularly households with children under the age of five. They will make one visit each month for four months. During their visits they will demonstrate proper hygiene practices, discuss the benefits of adopting and sustaining good hygiene and sanitation practices, provide information on positive behavioral change, build families’ commitment to adopt healthy practices and monitor progress of interventions.

School programmes: 
Awareness raising will also take place in primary schools where students will learn about safe hygiene practices, sanitation and safe water through health demonstrations, educational and entertainment sessions such film shows and developing their own comic strips, art competitions and information sharing among children and community activities via the school brigades.

Media Campaign:
Radio and television public service announcements and spots on hand washing, sanitation and safe water have been developed . They will be aired throughout 2011 during prime time on Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Betar (radio) as well as selected private TV channels and radio stations.

Role of UNICEF:
Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply in Bangladesh (SHEWA-B) is one of the largest and most intensive hygiene, sanitation and water quality improvement programmes to be implemented in Bangladesh. It aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to water and sanitation.



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