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Calendar of Events - 2010

National level activities
  • Mass Media
    Champions and celebrities will deliver handwashing messages, which will be aired on national and private TV channels and radio stations.  Advertisements will also feature in newspapers.
  • 20 October: Gathering of Students in Dhaka
    In order to celebrate Global Handwashing Day, fifty-thousand students will gather on the grounds of residential Model College. The State Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives will be the Chief Guest at the event. A number of high level officials and representatives of NGOs and development partners will also be in attendance. Participants will wash hands together with the students. 
  •  SMS to 10,000 Community Hygiene Promoters
    Along with messages to Imams of the Islamic Foundation and journalists of the Press Clubs, SMS messages will be sent to 10,000 Community Hygiene Promoters through UNICEF.
  • SMS to the general public
    SMS messages will be sent to the general public through mobile companies at the request of Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives
Sub-national level activities
  • About 18 million students involved in schools
    Approximately eighteen million students from 83,000 primary and secondary schools and madrasas will observe the Global Handwashing Day at their school premises. Discussions on the importance of handwashing and demonstrations will take place at each school.
  • District Rallies
    Rallies to launch the various events at districts and school-level will take place throughout the country. Teams of Government and NGO officials will also visit schools.
  • Observance by Communities
    All Water and Environmental Sanitation projects implemented under Government or NGO partners will observe Global Handwashing Day with parents and children. Frontline workers will organize meetings and address communities, and demonstrations of Handwashing will take place.



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