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3rd International Children’s Film Festival, 23-29 January 2010

3rd International Children’s Film Festival, 23-29 January 2010

The 3rd International Children’s Film Festival, organised by the Children’s Film Society Bangladesh and supported by UNICEF and other partners, was held in various venues across Dhaka from January 23-29.

The aim of the festival was to expose children to the cultures and traditions of different countries through film, and to learn about film as a powerful medium of art.

The festival included about 150 short films, feature films, animations and documentaries from all over the world, all of which are suitable for children.

There was a day-long workshop for children, and a competition for Bangladeshi child film-makers.

On the 28th January, there was a special premiere of two short feature films made by prominent Bangladeshi film-makers with UNICEF support, at Dhaka Central Public Library, Shahbag.

UNICEF also assisted 125 children who live outside Dhaka to travel to the capital and enjoy the week-long festival.

A travelling festival will visit regional areas of Bangladesh throughout March.

To learn more about the festival, and for the full schedule of films, see:





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