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Cricket stars trigger positive social behaviour in adolescents (13-04-2014)

Adolescents learn to advance HIV awareness messages (04-04-2014)

Outcasts rescued from lives of isolation (13-03-2014)

How safe are children? (06-12-2012)

Cricket idol Shakib calls for ending culture of secrecy on HIV/AIDS (02-09-2012)

HIV threatens sexually active children and adolescents in Bangladesh (22-11-2011)

Bangladeshi cricket icons express solidarity with HIV infected persons (07-04-2011)

Cricket stars visit centre for drug users to raise AIDS awareness in Bangladesh (15-01-2009)

Taking the lead: Adolescents of Bangladesh promote HIV/AIDS (08-12-2008)

Bangladesh and Bermuda cricketers stamp out HIV/AIDS stigma (23-03-2007)

Fighting AIDS and drug use in Bangladesh, one needle at a time (25-08-2006)



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