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Disadvantaged children go up the learning ladder (05-11-2015) 

Catering to all children’s learning needs (29-12-2015) 

Transition School Salvages Students in Distress (20-04-2015) 

School readiness programme for hard-to-reach children (12-02-2015) 

Setara Gets a Second Learning Opportunity (31-12-2014) 

A school of fear turns into a school of attraction (16-11-2014) 

Children get a solid platform to prepare for primary education (28-08-2014) 

School dropouts revisit the joy of learning (17-08-2014) 

Remote hill children of Rangamati becoming IT-savvy (26-02-2014) 

A rewarding journey from street to school (24-07-2013) 

Children of the slums get a good start in education (11-07-2013) 

Blooming in a confined yet carefree setting (17-02-2013) 

Youngsters turn the wheels of their fate (04-02-2013) 

Setting the Benchmark for Pre-Primary Education (26-12-2011) 

From slums to a formal school (03-10-2011) 

Meena Day 2010 (23-09-2010) 

Providing basic education to working children (10-06-2010) 

Going to school in areas hit by Cyclone Aila (11-04-2010) 

‘Child-to-child’ programme fosters early learning for pre-schoolers in Bangladesh (14-07-2009)

World Refugee Day : addressing the needs of Rohingya refugees (20-06-2009)

Ban Soon-taek visits a UNICEF-supported school for working children in Bangladesh (17-11-2008)

Meena, a positive role model for Bangladeshi children (24-09-2008)

Dhaka’s Education Fair kicks off a nation-wide festival of learning (01-09-2008)

Opening school doors for girls and disadvantaged children in Bangladesh (16-08-2006)

Child-friendly classes and parent meetings boost attendance at a new early learning centre (21-08-2008)



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