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Child rights

Under-19 cricketers infuse dream into disadvantaged children (07-04-2016)

Children fix adults in a cliff-hanger cricket match (05-01-2015)

Children demand accountability from politicians for using them (20-03-2014)

Helping children defy disability and deprivation (02-07-2013)

A Home Away From Home (13-05-2013)

Magician Mesmerized! (19-10-2012)

Child Friendly Spaces: Promise of a better tomorrow (01-10-2012)

Children are everyone’s business (12-07-2012)

Children quiz finance minister over budget (26-06-2011)

Children quiz state minister on child labour issues (30-11-2010)

Fighting with the pen (23-03-2010)

Bangladesh puts the spotlight on children during Child Rights Week (10-10-2009)



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