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Adolescent empowerment

Adolescent Cyclone Survivor Turns into Social Change Agent (28-08-2013)

Young rural entrepreneurs bring changes (08-08-2013)

Adolescents helping change negative social norms (14-03-2012)

Dreaming big amid bitter realities (31-12-2012)

Adolescents shine at publication launch (03-03-2011)

Adolescent clubs give unbridled support (02-03-2011)

Bangladeshi adolescents pad up to take on HIV and AIDS (22-02-2011)

Melting the ice: Parents warm to girls’ participation in sport (02-02-2011)

‘Empowerment of Adolescents’ programme helps people cope after Cyclone Aila (29-06-2009)

Khaleda puts a stop to early marriage in her community (19-04-2009)

Taking the lead: Adolescents of Bangladesh promote HIV/AIDS (08-12-2008)

Empowering girls by challenging the tradition of child marriage (31-08-2007)



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