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Child survival

Effective services a must for a healthy nation (16-08-2015)

Child mortality drops as Special Care Newborn Unit saving babies (26-02-2015)

Better equipped hospitals offer women, children better chances of survival (19-06-2012)

Things looking up at Jamalpur District Hospital (06-09-2011)

Support for mothers in the Chittagong Hill Tract (23-11-2010)

Preventing bone disorders through better nutrition in Bangladesh (21-10-2009) 

Swimming instruction prevents child deaths (13-09-2009) 

New vaccine to prevent child pneumonia and meningitis in Bangladesh (12-02-2009)

Injury prevention initiatives raise awareness (12-08-2008)

Communities in Bangladesh unite to stop injuries, a top killer of children (07-08-2006)

Bangladesh launches mass immunization campaign after polio re-emerges (13-04-2006)

Bangladesh prepares to conduct the world’s largest-ever measles immunization campaign (17-02-2006)



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