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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Community responds to arsenic ravage (15-09-2012)

Korean Students Experience Life in Slums (23-08-2011)

Imams play crucial role in hygiene awareness (13-07-2011)

Spreading messages to curb disease (09-05-2011)

Setting hygiene standards in urban slums (22-03-2011)

School brigades promote handwashing, health and hygiene  (15-10-2010)

Child cricketers take on hand-washing challenge (17-06-2010) 

Solving the water crisis in climate-ravaged Bangladesh (04-05-2010) 

Helping communities access drinking water in the face of climate change (24-02-2010) 

Millions of Bangladeshi children lather up for global handwashing day (28-10-2009) 

Children learn good hygiene habits from each other (27-09-2009) 

Ensuring arsenic-free water for villagers in Bangladess (23-06-2009)

Teaching sanitation to the urban poor in Bangladesh (25-03-2009)

Over 14 million Bangladeshi children join the global hand washing bandwagon (02-11-2008)

Sidr-hit people keep close vigil on community water facility (28-8-2008)

Hygiene promoters teach safe sanitation practices in Bangladesh (31-07-2008)

Slum dwellers lack sanitation infrastructure and hygiene knowledge (01-06-2008)

Community outreach on hygiene for cyclone-affected families in Bangladesh (19-03-2008)

Tatulia: A Bangladesh village in dire need of safe water (29-01-2008)

Bringing good hygiene to rural Bangladesh through ‘Para Centres' (22-01-2008)

Shamima’s story: Bringing clean water and hygiene to a Bangladesh slum area (11-04-2006)

Girls transform slum area in Bangladesh by educating their neighbours on hygienic living (15-03-2006)



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