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Children interview Education Minister in "Our Voice"- BTV's monthly programme

Dhaka, 27 April 2009: Nurul Islam Nahid, Education Minister of the Government of Bangladesh, will be interviewed by children tomorrow night on Bangladesh Television (BTV) monthly programme "Our Voice" (Amader Kotha). Children from diverse backgrounds across the country will ask questions related to education.

Their questions will include non-availability of textbooks at the beginning of the year, right to know the true history of the liberation war, teacher-student ratio in the classroom, education quality and access to education for working children and absence of playgrounds in the schools.

This new monthly programme is an example of the Government's commitment to transparency, accountability and good governance.
The 40-minute programme will be broadcast by BTV at 8:45pm tomorrow (Tuesday, April 28). The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was the first to be interviewed by children on this programme on the National Children’s Day, March 17.

'Our Voice' is produced under the Government of Bangladesh-UNICEF joint project "Advocacy and Communication for Children and Women Development", implemented by the Ministry of Information. 

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