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What about the Rohingya children?

S. R. Karim

Repatriation is not just for the adults; the children will have to live with it as well. So, how do they feel about going back to Myanmar?

Sushuma, 8
She has been in Bangladesh for a year. Sushuma and one of her sister got separated from the rest of her family while fleeing Myanmar. Her father is still missing. But she wants to go back home with everyone.
Aren’t you afraid?  But she laughed and replied, if I die, I’ll die with everyone else.

Anos, 12
Anos has only been in Bangladesh for a month. He fled Myanmar with his parents and siblings. While fleeing, Anos’s brother and sister were killed by the military. So, he doesn’t want to go back unless peace is established. He is afraid that he will lose more members of his family if he goes back.


Yasmin, 9
About five-six months ago, Yasmin fled Myanmar with her mother and two brother and sister. Her father was locked in jail at the time. The military came and took him away. Yasmin’s family hasn’t heard from him since then. She wants to go back but not like this. She wants to go home with all the other refugees living in the camps, who have been helping her family for the last few months.

Supayra, 7
Six months ago, Supayra fled with her whole family.
“People kill people in Myanmar,” so she doesn’t want to go back there.

Anowar, 8
“If there’s peace, I’ll go right now.”
Anowar has been living in the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar for the last seven months. He had an extremely difficult journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh, but he is still hopeful that he will be able to return home soon.

Runa, 5
Runa has been in Bangladesh with her family for two-three months. She would like to go back to Myanmar tomorrow, if possible. But if their houses are set on fire again, she would like to come back to the new friends she made in the refugee camps.




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