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Bangladesh Primary Education Stipends: A Qualitative Assessment


  • Publication Date : November, 2013
  • Author : Directorate of Primary Education, PPRC and UNICEF
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 1.39 MB
  • Publisher : Directorate of Primary Education, PPRC and UNICEF
  • Language : English
  • Document Type : Public Infomation 
  • Subject : Primary Education

This study has utilized a variety of qualitative research instruments to establish the ground realities vis-à-vis the Primary Education Stipend Programme (PESP) operation and has engaged the critical range of stakeholders composed of key duty bearers and rights holders to assess strengths and weaknesses and identify the reform priorities that can further enhance the role of PESP in accelerating inclusive primary education.

It is indeed a matter of concern that rising costs of schooling are impacting on the ability of poorer families to avail themselves of the opportunities of primary education. The opportunity cost of schooling is particularly significant for the students of the higher grades of 4 and 5 and their families.



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