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SHEWA-B Programme: Health Impact Study (September, 2014)

The Health Impact Study (HIS), a unique set of surveys and health surveillance among intervention and matched control areas that enabled detailed monitoring of patterns of water, sanitation and hygiene practices in the target communities.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against children (September, 2014)

The report sheds light on the prevalence of different forms of violence against children, with global figures and data from 190 countries.

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Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action (September, 2014)

Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action provides evidence of effective programmes to address violence against children drawn from UNICEF’s decades of experience, and informed by key partners. Case studies from around the globe illustrate how well-crafted prevention and response strategies can reduce the prevalence and impact of violence against children.

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Situation Analysis on Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh (June, 2014)

This Situation Analysis acknowledge that much work still needs to be done to fully realise the rights of children with disabilities in Bangladesh.

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Child Risk Measure Survey 2010 (March, 2014)

The survey provides disaggregated information for assessing the situation of children and women in selected districts.

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