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Children's Opinion Poll: Children’s Views and Expectations from Political Aspirants and Leaders in Bangladesh


  • Publication Date : 2013
  • Author : UNICEF
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 2.36 MB
  • Publisher : UNICEF
  • Language : English
  • Document Type : Public Information
  • Subject : Child Rights

The primary objective of this study was to secure the views, perspectives of children first; then provide a synthesis of children’s opinions to political parties on children's socioeconomic rights; thereby create contact between children and political leaders, facilitating the inclusion of a ‘Children's Contract' or children's agenda in electioneering manifestos; and eventually promoting evidence-led child sensitive social economic policy implementation in Bangladesh.

The findings of the opinion poll have been compiled as a report to share with the major political parties and civil society organizations for use to promote child rights and it is also expected to engage political aspirants and leaders from different tiers to promote and protect child rights.



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