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Children’s Rights and Business Principles



  • Publication Date : June, 2012
  • Author : UNICEF, Save the Children, UN Global Compact
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 1 MB
  • Publisher : UNICEF
  • Language : English  Bangla
  • Document Type : Policy and strategy documents
  • Subject : Child rights

The Children’s Rights and Business Principlesidentify a range of actions that all business should take to respect children’s rights – to prevent and address any adverse impact on children’s human rights, as well as measures all business is encouraged to take to help support and advance children’s rights. It recognizes the tremendous positive power of businesses large and small, and seeks to promote the best business practices. The principles call on the entire business community around the world to evaluate their impact on the rights of children; and to take action to make a difference for children.

It is important to note that corporate actions to safeguard any aspect of children’s rights must be undertaken in a holistic way where companies address material issues in the workplace, marketplace and the community.

The Principles are built on existing standards, initiatives and best practices related to business and children, and seek to fill gaps to present a coherent vision for business to maximize the positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on children. In doing so, the Principles help to elaborate both expectations of, and opportunities for business, in relation to children; who are frequently and often overlooked as stakeholders of business.



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