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A king’s daughter marries a poor man


  • Publication Date : 2008
  • Author : Directorate of Primary Education
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 673 KB
  • Publisher : Directorate of Primary Education and UNICEF
  • Language : English
  • Document Type : Public Infomation 
  • Subject : Primary Education

'A king’s daughter marries a poor man’ is a story book for Class II students to be used as supplementary reading material. It is a simple story of a poor, simple boy who perchance gets married to a princess. Suma, the king’s daughter is always sad, she never smiles. The king declared that anyone who can make Suma smile will marry her. Many princes and young men came and failed. One day Suma while sitting in her balcony saw a simple village boy carry a basket of hens on his head. The boy suddenly slipped on the muddy road, the basket dropped and the hens escaped. The boy ran helter-skelter to get them, slipped again and again and that made Suma laugh out to her heart’s content. The king was happy to marry Suma off with the boy and they lived happily thereafter. Children are expected to read it and enjoy the story. Finally, they will all feel happy that the simple village boy succeeded in making the princess smile after all.



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