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Better Health, Better Education


  • Publication Date : 2010 
  • Author : Directorate of Primary Education
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 6.68 MB
  • Publisher : Directorate of Primary Education
  • Language : Bangla
  • Document Type : Public Infomation 
  • Subject : Primary Education

To groom individuals as good citizens, the state has to educate the nation well and proper. The government has taken a number of positive measures to motivate and educate the young learners well so that they get enrolled hundred percent, don’t drop out and receive quality education. This training manual titled ‘Better health, better education’ has been prepared to train the teachers of the young learners on a number of aspects of better health maintenance including common ailments and their treatment, injuries, primary health interventions, personal health and hygiene, safe water, sanitation, nutrition tips, coping with disasters etc.

The manual will prove to be a helpful addition to the primary education curriculum as the messages contained in it will spread across the society and benefit all citizens.



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