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Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Expectations (KAPE) Study on Child Labor in Bangladesh

  • Publication Date : April, 2011
  • Author : UNICEF, ILO, the Government of Bangladesh
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 2.2 MB
  • Publisher : UNICEF
  • Language : English
  • Document Type : Policy and strategy documents
  • Subject : Child labour

The KAPE (Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, and Expectations) study assesses the current knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour towards child labor and helps develop a baseline, which assesses the viability of possible future interventions. It also offers recommendations on what needs to be done in order to change the existing negative social norms which surround child labor.

The study uses both first and secondary sources to gather information. Field data collection was carried out through one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions and interviews of key stakeholders.

The study found that most parents/guardians (across both child-laborer and non-laborer groups) do not consider those aged between 15-18 years to be children. It also found that awareness about the legislation regarding compulsory primary education was poor amongst parents/guardians of children who are child-laborers, the child-laborers themselves and employers of child laborers.

Given that poverty is one of the critical challenges families face in bringing up children, efforts are needed to strengthen the socio-economic capacity of families first and foremost so they are able to play a better role in providing a safe future for their children.



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