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Sexual Abuse and Commercial Exploitation of Children


The grim reality is that children in Bangladesh are highly vulnerable and many experience sexual abuse and exploitation, not only behind the closed doors of brothels but in households, schools and on the streets.

This publication was commissioned by UNICEF to build on past national and global efforts to tackle the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. It looks at the various ways in which sexual abuse and exploitation are currently present in Bangladeshi society, examines the consequences of such activity and evaluates existing response mechanisms.

The study highlights the devastating long term impacts of sexual abuse on victims (both boys and girls), their families and society at large and draws attention to areas where vital services are lacking.

One of UNICEF's core commitments, in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, is to ensure that children grow up in an environment where they will be cared for and protected against violence, abuse and exploitation. This study goes some way to helping UNICEF achieve this commitment.



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