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National Communication Framework and Plan for Infant and Young Child Feeding in Bangladesh

The national Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) strategy aims to reduce the number of infant deaths caused by under-nutrition. The Communication Framework and Plan is a component of the overall NIYC strategy and highlights the communicative methods required to raise awareness and encourage advocacy in the area of infant and child nutrition.

In Bangladesh, current IYCF patterns fall short of global nutritional standards, resulting in nutritional deficits and increased infections, which lead to stunting, anaemia, cognitive damage and increased neonatal, infant and child morbidity and mortality.

Both the framework and the plan outline the role that communications can play in helping service providers adopt and disseminate information about feeding behaviors that will lead to a healthy infant and child. This document provides health practitioners and community members with information on how to raise awareness about the importance of early breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding and quality complementary feeding for infant and young children.

The contents of this document are based on past consolidated research, conducted on a national and district level as well as a series of workshops organized by the Institute of Public Health and Nutrition from March to September 2010. This plan has been prepared for 2010-2013 and, upon review, could be extended up to 2016



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