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Facts for Life


Facts For Life is a communication tool that aims to provide information on how to save and improve the lives of children. The booklet will be used by frontline workers, health professionals, teachers, media professionals and others to share life-saving messages with parents, caregivers and communities.

This edition has been tailored to Bangladesh with a new chapter on arsenic, a potentially deadly element commonly found in the country’s drinking water.

The messages contained in Facts for Life are based on the latest scientific findings by medical and child development experts around the world. These facts are simply and clearly presented so they can be understood and put into practice by people without a scientific background.

Facts for Life consists of 14 chapters filled with practical information about how to ensure children’s rights to survival, growth, development and well-being. The topics address pregnancy, childbirth, major childhood illnesses, child development, early learning, parenting, protection, and care and support of children. Each chapter has three parts: an introduction, key messages and supporting information.

The challenge is to ensure that everyone from grandparents, to young people, to community members knows and understands these facts and is motivated to put them into practice.



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