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Towards a justice delivery system for children in Bangladesh


This publication is a guide for the various professional groups that deal with children who are in conflict with the law in Bangladesh. It is a guide on how to best apply and implement the various laws in the country that relate to child offenders. Written by Justice M Imman Ali of the high court of Bangladesh, this publication aims to familiarise professionals with the provisions of the Children Act 1974, the Children Rules 1976 and the relevant case-law around the two acts.

Justice Imman Ali draws on his extensive experience in juvenile justice to recommend a system that promotes rehabilitation of juvenile offenders back into mainstream society rather than one that focuses on incarceration.

Printed by UNICEF, this publication outlines the ways in which the Bangladeshi legal system can operate effectively, while maintaining the protection of children. With half of Bangladesh’s population under the age of 18, it is crucial to ensure that children are better served and protected by the justice delivery system in the country.



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