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Living in the Urban Jungle

Living in the Urban Jungle is a collection of photographs taken by twenty children aged 12-16 living and/or working on the streets of Dhaka and Barisal. UNICEF Bangladesh initiated the photography project in partnership with DRIK Picture Library who trained the child participants in photography techniques and worked closely with them to select the photos. The photos contained in the book reflect the courageous spirit and the maturity of the children who took part in the project. They give the reader an insight into the inner world of the children; their joys, their pains. The collection can also be interpreted as a heartfelt appeal for child rights. All of the child participants are beneficiaries of UNICEF's Protection of Children at Risk (PCAR) project. As a result of PCAR interventions, most of the children now live in shelter homes and benefit from a variety of social services. Many have been able to go back to school or to undertake vocational training leading to better job opportunities.



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