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Sample coverage and the characteristics of households

Table 1: Results of household and individual interviews

Table 2: Household population by age group and sex

Health And Nutrition

Table 3: Timely initiation of breasfeeding

Table 4: Infant mortality rate (IMR) and under five mortality rate (U5MR)

Table 5: Assistance at delivery


Table 6: Pre-school attendance rate

Table 7: Primary school net intake rate

Table 8: Net attendance rate in primary school

Table 9: Net attendance rate in secondary school

Table 10: Gender parity index for primary and secondary education

Table 11: Proportion of pupils starting Grade 1 who reach Grade 5

Table 12: Primary school drop-out rate

Table 13: Secondary school drop-out rate

Table 14: Repetition rate of primary school

Table 15: Repetition rate of secondary school

Table 16: Literacy rate of women aged 15-24 years


Table 17: Comprehensive knowledge of HIV and AIDS among women aged 15-24 years


Table 18: Use of improved drinking water source

Table 19: Arsenic level in household drinking water

Table 20: Awareness of drinking water source tested for arsenic contamination

Table 21: Use of improved sanitary facility

Child Protection

Table 22: Birth registration

Table 23: Child labour



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