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National Low Birth Weight Survey of Bangladesh 2003-2004 (September, 2005)

This survey describes the prevalence of low birth weight babies in Bangladesh.

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Millennium Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report (February, 2005)

This, the first Bangladesh MDG Progress Report, was prepared jointly by the Government of Bangladesh and the UN Country Team in consultation with other stakeholders.

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Attaining MDGs in Bangladesh (February, 2005)

This World Bank report focuses on the attainment of five human development-related MDGs in Bangladesh – poverty; infant and under-five mortality; child malnutrition; school enrollment and completion; and gender disparities in schools.

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Child and Mother Nutrition Survey 2005

Child and Mother Nutrition Survey in 2005, conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics of the Government's Planning Division with UNICEF support, is designed to asses the nutritional status of children under 5 years and their mothers in Bangladesh.

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