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Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities. Key Findings, National Report Bangladesh 2008


This 32-page report presents the key findings of the Bangladesh National Study on Child Poverty and Disparities. This study is proposing a new methodology to assess child poverty in a specific manner, moving away from a narrow measurement that addresses income exclusively to a definition that includes income poverty, deprivation and well-being. The document analyses the multidimensional aspects of child poverty in Bangladesh looking at deprivation in seven areas: food, education, health, information, shelter, water and sanitation.

According to this study, about one in four children is deprived of at least four basic needs. The report makes specific recommendations to accelerate poverty reduction in Bangladesh. The study was conducted by the Human Development Research Centre under the coordination of Professor Abul Barkat, lead consultant. It is part of a global initiative involving 46 countries in seven regions.



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